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Links to Boy Scout Resources, Clip art, and Graphics

  • Dress up your scouting paperwork
    As a scout leader you can use any of these graphics to create programs, brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc. as long as they deal with Scouting. From the Hiawatha - Seaway Council.

  • Boy Scout Graphics on CD-ROM for Trade
    New York Scouter Ted Holz has developed a CD-ROM of some 1,100 images that he will trade for $25.00 worth of Scouting Patches. The CD-ROM is not for sale.

  • Scout Images - Huge Clip Art Library
    This site has a huge collection of Scout clip art with thumb nail sketches. While it is written in Portuguese pictures have a language all their own and Scouters should have no problem recognizing and downloading the images

  • AgentZ - Scouting Resources Graphics
    This site offers a number of archives that can be viewed as thumbnail images and then downloaded. The collection includes the 18 BSA disks plus many other images.

  • Animation Factory Graphics
    This is a commercial site but it has quite a few scouting images including animated scout flags (use the search feature). Over 8,000 original FREEanimated GIFs including the WOSM Flag are available.

  • Cub & Webelos Clip Art
    This site, from Pack 359 in the Chickasaw Council offers a complete collection of Cub Scout Clip Art in zip format including Webelos Activity Badges, Pack Numerals, Sports, Academic & Webelos Activity Pins. Boy Scout Patrol Patches are also available.

  • Scouting & Exploring Background & Images
    Site has Scouting Related Backgrounds, Scouting Related Images, & Page Breaks and Dividers.

  • Merit Badge Graphics of the BSA in Color
    This page is dedicated to providing colored graphics for Merit Badges. This service is provided for the personal use of Scouting Organizations around the world.

  • Scouting Clipart Resource Links
    Troop 24 has compiled this massive directory of every single Scouting related clip art, file, & graphics library set on the internet. If there is a scouting image, one of these sites is bound to have it.

  • National Jamboree Clipart
    Troop 24 maintains a small but growing collection of past national Jamboree clip art images.

  • Radio Scouting Clip-Art
    The Northampton Scout Amateur Radio Group has been producing training material and other resources since its formation in 1981. In that time, a considerable amount of clip-art has been collected some of which is now available for you to download. JOTA

  • Ol' Buffalo Scout Clip Art Page
    Blaine S Nay of Cedar City Utah created this large collection of links with all kinds of Scouting images & clip art.

  • Cub Scout Clip Art
    Badge Scans, and Original Artwork are all on this page from The Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook. This is a very comprehensive collection and very well laid out.

  • Manhin's International Scouting Clipart
    This site offers a mix of clip art from Scouting organizations around the world. The webmaster, based in Canada, has a number of banners and patches on this site.

  • Fernando Alves's Scout Drawings
    Looking for some different Scouting illustrations? Fernando Alves of Portugal has drawn HUNDREDS of images. All of them UNIQUE that are free on this site. Why not spruce up your page which some Scouting images from a totally new source? All Free!

  • Mountain Air Design Studio Scout Art
    This site has a number of Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts clip art items with the primary focus being tools for web designers. The site has several button control panels in template form as well as backgrounds & regular clip art images.

  • Troop 905's Massive Graphics Library
    This Pittsburgh unit has images all easily indexed including Rockwell Paintings, International Badges, Patrol Medallions, etc.

  • Codyak Scouting People & Activites Art
    These are wonderful original images of Scouting Art work. The webmaster of this site requests that permission be requested before these images can be downloaded.

  • Graphmaster Free Scout Art
    This site is well organized and has lots of free Girl Scout as well as Boy Scout Art. There are also links & databases. Much of the clip art is unique to this site.

  • Venturing Images & Logos
    Venturing Crew 9213 is based in Appleton Wisconsin, they have provided this page with an assortment of graphics for BSA's newest program.

  • Clip Art for Jewish Scouting
    Includes: Maccabee Emblem, Aleph Emblem, Ner Tamid Emblem, Etz Chaim, & Shofar Emblem plus other logos & graphics.

  • MacScouter's Scouting Clipart Resources
    Where to Get 'Em & What to Do With 'Em. Gary Hendra explains in layman's terms just how to use these images. There are also links to a number of Scouting Clip Art Sites.

  • Where to Get Wintel PC Clipart
    Where to Get Wintel PC Clipart -- What to Do With It. This is revision C of this document. Work has continued on the US Scouting Service Project ftp site. It is now the largest Scouting Clipart collection in the world, thanks to Mike Bowman.

  • PapaInk
    The International Children's Art Archive

  • Scouting Association Logos - Worldwide
    Over 150 National Scout Organizations are members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. This site has the official logos for each association.

  • Venturing Images & Logos - Post 369
    Many of the new awards are here, in full graycale and color. Site also has the Young American Award medallion. A great site for any Crew to visit.

  • Scouting Rockwell Prints & Old Images
    This site has 50 Rockwells plus a number of sketches and illustrations from early scouting publications.

  • Scoutbase UK Clip Art from Great Britain
    This British site has a full library of images including Badges, Uniforms, Logos, Maps, and even a new "Clip Art of the Month" feature.

  • ScoutWeb South Africa Clipart collection
    The purpose of this site is to provide clipart for South African Scouting publications and web pages. There are three sections of images: Color, Black & White, and Outdoor Related Graphics.

  • Scouts Canada Clip Art & Graphics
    Electronic clipart is equivalent to the hard copy clipart book many have used in the past. Instead of manually cutting up the clipart book & pasting the images onto a page of text, the clipart on this WWW site allows you to do the process electronically.

  • Patrol Emblem Patches
    While the BSA has the ability to custom make just about any kind of Patrol Patch, this collection of scans shows all of the stock patches which a patrol can select from when deciding on a Patrol Name & Emblem.

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