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Individual Scout Accounts

The purpose of the ISA is to provide money earned during fundraising efforts to help reduce the cost of scouting for the Scouts of Pack 72.

For every Scout that enters the Pack, a separate account is set up in his name, into which goes a percentage of the funds raised by that Scout. The "percentage" is typically 25% of the amount raised by the Scout, although the troop committee may determine this amount for each fund raiser, as the needs and goals of the Pack change over time. When a fund raiser is run by a group of Scouts in common, there may be no fair way to determine that one has earned more than another. In this case, the percentage allotted to the ISAs will be distributed evenly across the accounts of each participating Scout.

The Parent Committee will determine the percentage of each fundraiser that will go into Scout accounts. The percentage may vary from fundraiser to fundraiser, and may also vary from year to year. The percentage will be dependent on how well the Pack profits overall from the fundraiser, and whether the Pack is meeting its annual operational budget needs. If determined by the Parent Committee, all proceeds form the fundraiser can be put into the Packís general operating fund.

The Parent Committee reserves the right to change the amount going into the individual Scout accounts at any time. Any changes must be equal for all the Cub Scouts.

Parents and Scouts will not be allowed to make deposits into individual Scout accounts.

Money in a Scout's ISA still belongs to the Pack, although each Scout and/or Parent may use his allotted funds at any time under the following conditions:

  1. Annual Dues
  2. Annual Boy Scout Registration Fees
  3. The money may be used towards payment of a Scouting event...either a Pack trip, Day or Summer Camp, or other Cub Scout district, council or national event.
  4. Scouting supplies: uniform, Scout Handbook.
  5. Personal camping equipment, to include the following items ONLY: mess kit, pocketknife, flashlight, sleeping bag and backpack (these personal camping equipment items will be authorized to be purchased using Scout account money ONLY after the Scout is properly uniformed, and all dues and fees are paid)
  6. The money cannot be used for patch collecting, or for any other item or activity not approved by the Pack Committee.

(This list may be amended by the Parent Committee as needed.)

For individual reimbursement of Pack activities or registrations where the pack wrights a single check to pay for the event such as Cub Family Weekend the Parent is required to present the scouts registration witha reimbursement form attached to the Parent/Leader Committee Meeting. It must be presented prior to the payment deadline set by the Pack for the event. This shall also include Pack Dues & Boy Scout Registration Fees. The Scouts ISA will then be deducted by the proper amount and the Pack will include payment for the event with the Pack check to the event.††

The Scout may request reimbursement for any purchases by filling out a Reimbursement Application and submitting it, along with the receipt, to the Parent Committee. If the Parent Committee approves the request, the Treasurer will reimburse the Scout and/or parent at the following Parent Leader Committee Meeting. The Parent Committee reserves the right to deny any request thatís determined by the Committee to not be a reasonable Cub Scout related purchase. The Parent Committee will make every attempt to handle denials consistently. Denials may be appealed at any following Parent Committee meetings.

If the Cub Scout leaves the Pack for any reason (i.e., moves away, transfers to a different Pack, quits Scouting, etc.), the Scoutís individual account will be terminated and all remaining funds in the account will revert into the Packís general fund. The only exception to this will be that upon ďcrossing overĒ into Boy Scouts, the Scout may use the funds in his account toward Boy Scout summer camp during the summer immediately following cross-over. Money coming out of the Scoutís account to pay for Boy Scout Summer Camp will be paid to the Scoutís Troop. Any remaining funds in the Scoutís account after paying for such summer camp will revert into the Packís general fund. If the Scout doesnít go to Boy Scout camp his first year after crossing over, his account terminates at the time he crosses over.

The money in a Scoutís personal account is not transferable, even to a sibling.

The Parent Committee will freeze a Scoutís individual account if the Scout owes the Pack any funds that were raised in fundraising activities, until such funds are paid in full.

The Pack Individual Scout Account Chairman will be responsible for maintaining an accurate accounting of ISA funds, and report to each Scout, at least once a year, on their balances. The Treasurer shall not be responsible for maintaining ISAís.

This Scout account policy can be revised and at any time deemed necessary by the Pack 72 Parent/Leader Committee.