Eagle Scout Medal

Another Eagle Charge

This Eagle Charge was written by Marty Frongillo of Troop 18, Milford, MA, in the spring of 1989. As written, it is appropriate for a group of new Eagle Scouts. Marty points out that the part before the "PAUSE" could easily be modified as necessary to fit the situation. The actual charge comes after that.

Let me first offer my congratulations to these fine young men for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, Scouting's highest degree.

Would the candidates please stand.

As you may know, the adult leaders in Scouting do not get paid to be a part of the Scouting program: we volunteered. We made a commitment to make Scouting part of our lives, just as YOU made a commitment months, and perhaps years, ago to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

We adults reap satisfaction from moments and events like this one. The participation of our efforts in your lives makes it all worth while. You may now take satisfaction with yourselves, that you have earned the Eagle rank.

[Take a deep breath and reflect for a moment.]

All of the work, the fun, the pain, the good times and the bad times, all paid off. The cold mornings, the pine-needles in your pancakes, the muddy and rainy camp-outs now are just fond memories. Something to laugh about and share with others. This award was not given to you, not a gift. Instead, you set goals, made some sacrifices and worked to achieve these goals. This is a moment which you will never forget.

The fact that you have earned Scouting's highest award tells the world something about you; if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

Your participation in the Boy Scouts of America does not have to end here. Instead, you may now join all of the past and present adults involved in Scouting, who have given of themselves to help boys achieve the same satisfaction that you are feeling right now. Give back to the program what it gave to you.

Commitment is only one aspect of your character that the world will expect from you, as Eagle Scouts.

At this time I would like to invite all Eagle Scouts present, to come forward and rededicate themselves to the ideals of Scouting.


Eagle candidates __________ and __________, I charge you to live with honor. An Eagle's honor is sacred, for it is the foundation of all character. Character is what you really are deep down inside, not what you think you are. May the white on your badge remind you to live with honor.

I charge you to be loyal. Without loyalty, all character lacks direction. An Eagle is loyal to his ideals. As Shakespeare said, "To thine own self be true." The blue on your badge is a reminder to be loyal.

I charge you to be courageous. Courage gives all character force and strength. Trust in God, and have faith in your fellow man. Face each day unafraid and seek your share of the world's work to do. Let the red on your badge remind you always to have courage.

I charge you to give service. Make the habit of the daily Good Turn come forth in a life of service.

I will now ask you to make the scout sign and repeat after me:

I realize my obligation to my fellow man

to my home, my country, and my God,

I will at all times do my best

to assist others

to live with honor, loyalty, courage and service

and to be a living example

of the the Scout Oath and Law

to the best of my ability.