Eagle Scout Medal

The Voice of the Eagle

Setting: The opening has been completed and the Eagle candidate has been escorted to the front of the room near the American flag. Pictures of the Boy Scout ranks are arranged in a semicircle across the front of the room, spaced out far enough so that the candidate and his escorts have some walking to do as they move from one to another. The Eagle card is centered and slightly to the rear of the others. As the story is told about each rank, the candidate and his escorts move on to that card and stand behind it. Candles should be placed and lit in front of each card.
MC: This is the voice of the Eagle, the Eagle whose heights you struggled hard to reach. We remember well when you first came to the base of the cliff and how you looked up with ambition and determination.

Look back for a moment. Look back over the cliff you have climbed. Look back at the experiences you have encountered in your ascent. These experiences should not be forgotten and you should profit by making sure that the adverse ones do not occur again. Experience is a valuable teacher if you will heed its teachings.
First Reader: We remember when you took your first step upon the trail that leads upward. With your first step, you began to start living the Scout Oath and Law. All the while you were on the trail, we watched you study and then we watched you learn by doing. First you were only a candidate, building yourself physically, mentally, and morally. Then your brother Scouts called you a Tenderfoot and they were right: you were indeed a Tenderfoot.
Second Reader: But not for long, for soon you reached the first ledge and there you were greeted by a group of Second Class Scouts.

Some, like yourself, were stopping to catch their breaths before continuing along the trail. You began to study more, you worked harder, and, almost before you knew it, you came to another ledge, the ledge where First Class Scouts dwell.
Third Reader: There you found a tempting green meadow by a crystal clear stream and bathed by the sun. Here you were tempted to remain. Yes, you could have remained there to live in First Class glory, but your ambition stirred you on. We next remember your progress when you became a Star Scout.

You found the trail from First Class had been an optical illusion. It was not as difficult as it had seemed. This spurred you on and again you climbed further.
Fourth Reader: Now the trail was steeper. Now it was less worn. Fewer Scouts seemed to be heading in your direction. You looked back and saw the crowds below you. You looked up and saw the few above you, and, with the same determination with which you started your climb, you continued on your trail.

Soon it was the badge of Life Scout, the heart badge that was placed on your uniform. You will never forget the thoughts in your heart. It has been experienced by most Scouts on reaching the ledge of life. "Now I am close to Eagle. I will carry on." The trail became tougher, but more interesting. The original simple principles, the Scout Oath and Law, now had a fuller meaning. Your understanding of them was greater.
MC: Yes, we have watched your character unfold and become manly. We have watched your leadership ability expand into a valuable asset. We have watched your mind develop and your wisdom increase. We have watched all of these things in you. And now that you are at the threshold of your goal, we welcome you, for you have done your climbing in a true Scout-like manner.

Will Mr. [Scoutmaster's name] now escort to the front, Eagle candidate ____________________ to receive the Eagle Award.

[Here follows the normal recognition of the candidate's parents, the actual presentation, etc.

See other ceremonies for ideas as to where to go from here.]