Eagle Scout Court of Honor Scripts
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Eagle Scout Court of Honor Materials

The information included here came originally from several sources. Most of the script were distributed originally by the National Eagle Scout Association or were taken from Woods Wisdom. Other scripts and information came from the Scouts-L Youth Groups Discussion List on the Internet and the rec.scouting newsgroup on Usenet.

If you have other information or court of honor script which you would like to see added to this page, please contact Fred Rogers, so that the proper arrangements can be made to add this appropriately. All contributions will be gratefully received and included.

Our thanks to those who have graciously shared the information which is included in the current edition of this page.

General Information on Eagle Scout Courts of Honor

List of Troop 30's Eagle Scouts

Brief list of some of Troop 30's Eagle Projects

Scripts for Eagle Scout Courts of Honor

Order of the Arrow Eagle Ceremony
History of the Eagle and Man
Lighting the Eagle Trail
An Eagle Scout
Challenge Ceremony
The Light of the Eagle
The Light of the Eagle (Alternate Wording)
Alternate Opening Ceremony
Citizenship Ceremony
Closing Ceremony
Parents' Ceremony
The Voice of the Eagle
A Brief Eagle Ceremony
Troop 30, Newark Valley, NY
Troop 57, Owego, NY

Charges to the Eagle Scout

Charge by a NESA Member
A Charge to Eagle Scouts
Welcome to a New Eagle
Eagle Scout Challenge
Another Eagle Charge

Poems for Use with Eagle Scout Courts of Honor

The Eagle Scout (a.k.a. It's Only a Pin)
Good Timber
Eagle Climb

Prayers and Other Religious Materials

Prayer for Our Country
What Can We Give?
A Hiking Prayer
Benediction for Court of Honor

Other Writings

When God Made the Oyster
Scouting to Me - For Others